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Important Information & Updates

Stock Show Entry Night ** Mandatory for all Members**
Posted By: Ashley Lynch   10/18/2021

Just a reminder about stockshow entry night on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, at 6:00pm in the HS Cafeteria! 


All parents/exhibitors need to attend this meeting and turn in entry forms/pay for entries to any shows you plan to show at this coming show year (including local, county & state shows). 


We will upload forms as they are readily available onto this website under the "Show Entry Forms" tab if you would like to print & fill out ahead of time, and bring money to us that night.  We will have a notary on site the night of validation as well. 

Posted By: Ashley Lynch   10/7/2021

Cow Patty Bingo Tickets were given to all High School Ag Students at the start of school;

these tickets are a fundraiser for our Ag. Dept; they are $20/ticket, and each student was given two tickets to sell. 


These are due back to an Ag Teacher by no later than October 20th!!  Drawing will take place on October 29th at the last home football game!


Prize money is dependent on how many tickets sold; if every student sells their two, prize money is $4,000!! The more tickets we sell, the higher the prize!


Let us know if you're interested in purchasing tickets to help support the Wylie FFA/Ag Department!

** Mandatory ** Major, Local & County Livestock Shows Entry Night
Posted By: Ashley Lynch   10/7/2021

Stockshow entry night (which is mandatory for all livestock exhibitors, jr & sr ffa members both) will be on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, starting at 6pm in the HS Cafeteria. 


We will upload entry forms as they become available to us onto the website here under the "Major/Local/ County Show Entry Forms" tab if you would like to print them out in advance, fill them out, then just turn them into us with your payment at the meeting on the 2nd of November. 


ALL MAJOR SHOW EXHIBITORS MUST HAVE YOUR QUALITY COUNTS NUMBER UP-TO-DATE BY YOUR AGE DIVISION BY THE DATE OF ENTRY NIGHT! Please see the Quality Counts sub tab under the "LIVESTOCK VALIDATION" tab for more information or questions regarding Quality Counts.

Change in New Livestock Exhibitor Meeting- moved to Tuesday, 8.31.21
Posted By: Ashley Lynch   8/26/2021

The informative meeting for parents/students of new livestock exhibitors either A) in general or B) to a new species, is being moved from Thursday, Sep. 2nd, to Tuesday, Aug. 31st. The time will remain the same, at 6:30pm in the HS cafeteria. If you have any questions about this, please let an advisor know. 



2021/2022 Program of Activities
Posted By: Ashley Lynch   8/16/2021
Wylie FFA's Program of Activities is the "schedule of events" for the upcoming school year; if there are any dates you are curious about that Wylie FFA could be involved in, they will be in the attached document! We will also send out reminders in this section as important things are coming up within the chapter. 


NameOwnerDate AddedSize
Wylie FFA POA 21-22
Ashley  Lynch
10/7/2021 83 KB


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